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Leslie Iczkovitz

Leslie Iczkovitz is the Executive Director of Laser EnergyWorks and has lived in Hawaii since 1979. Leslie has been a student and practitioner of energetic medicine for over 40 years.

Starting In January 2009,  Leslie created and managed Laser EnergyWorks, a unique clinic that established the efficacy of Erchonia lasers on hundreds of patients with a board-certified plastic surgeon, who was then the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Straub Hospital as the Medical Director.

At Laser EnergyWorks, by using these lasers exclusively as the modality to treat our patients, we proved it is the lasers, and not another modality or drug that is generating the remarkable healing effects.  Numerous burn and wound healing case studies, in which the seriously injured patients were observed at Straub Hospital, then referred to our office for laser therapy, treated a small number of times, and then have the healing confirmed on their return visit to the plastic surgeon.

Now Leslie is taking these lasers to the next level by developing this web site as the ultimate resource of energetic healing modalities and our growing network of healers . We only sell lasers and other medical devices that we know from experience are very effective on patients.  We treat our patients with these modalities in our clinic, or as the patient may require, we refer patients out to our network of healers.

Leslie has witnessed hundreds of laser treatments proving that pain has become optional, in terms of how deep and how long a patient suffers, for a wide range of conditions.  These lasers will be widely adopted once the American people aware of their efficacy, and / or have experienced their healing effects.  We need your help.

Our mission is to advance the acceptance and adoption of Erchonia low level lasers into the standard of care for many conditions, for humans and animals alike. The Health Care system in the US is broken and unsustainable, consuming over 17% of our Gross National Product, with this percentage projected to increase to 22% in the next few years.   Low level lasers represent the next wave of medicine, leading the paradigm shift to energetic medicine which will annually save hundreds of millions of dollars and change the practice of medicine forever. The question remains when this shift will finally take place.

Veterinarians it seems, may help lead the transition.  Animals do not exhibit a placebo effect.  Caring as much as they do about the animals they treat, veterinarians only care about helping their patients heal faster and reduce their pain.  They are open to new devices that work, whatever the mechanism, provided they are proven save and effective.  We have sold several lasers to veterinarians in Hawaii.

If you are visiting our site, chances are that you have tried everything that Western medicine has tried.  We use our risk-free non-invasive technology that can possibly help you where all else has failed.  We often refer patients in deep, chronic pain to very experienced healers who use an Erchonia laser as one of the modalities.

Laser practitioners develop a custom plan based on your condition aimed at easing your pain.  We cannot promise that you will suffer less pain after spending time being treated in Hawaii, but the odds are very good based on our track record.  We promise you will be treated by sincere, very experienced healers who are dedicated to healing their patients and they are often successful.

The challenge to achieving wide acceptance of these lasers is great and multi-faceted.  Due to the resistance of insurance companies to paying for new modalities they do not believe in, the physicians' doubts of their efficacy, the drug companies are threatened by them, the hospitals are risk averse to new technologies - drugs are much easier to measure, dispense and control, there are no training costs incurred.  Everybody makes a lot of money with the current system and who knows what will happen if machines can truly produce results that are too good to be true.  The cynics say it is all about the money, and it is hard to argue against this being a large  factor.

The expensive health care system supports trillions of dollars paid to hospitals, physicians, drug companies and insurance companies.  The health care system will be disrupted to levels too hard to now fully imagine.   Support us by spreading the word about Erchonia cold lasers to your friends, to your physicians, hospitals, and insurance companies.  Together we will lead a health care revolution that will save tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.  Call Les a 808-523-8449 if  you want to get involved in our campaign to have Erchonia low level lasers adopted into the standard of care as discussed above.

Laser EnergyWorks is part of a network of very gifted healers in Hawaii and around the world.   We design and implement an energetic treatment program that will successfully treat acute and chronic painful conditions in patients that have been resistant to other healing modalities.  Our mission is to expand this network to include all appropriate healers in America and later the world, and make them known and available to visitors to our website.  If you are a healer, please complete our Survey For Healers (coming soon) and fax or email the documents specified in the Survey to be considered for inclusion on our web site.

Leslie K. Iczkovitz



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